We will remain committed to putting your safety and wellbeing first whilst we keep our doors open and our lights on for our people, to live, work and enjoy our local pubs together.

In addition to our already high standards of cleanliness, we have introduced specific COVID-19 cleanliness, hygiene and safety standards including;

  • Additional COVID-19 related cleaning and sanitation over and above our normal high standards of cleanliness,

  • Ample hand sanitisers and disinfectant stations,

  • Further food, health and safety and hygiene initiatives,

  • Physical distancing measures,

  • COVID-19 restrictions and protocols to manage potential risk, and

  • If any staff member is feeling unwell, they will remain home, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

    Whilst our hotel is a no-go as we do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are pleased our Bottle Shop will remain open throughout this period. We will continue to practice heightened cleaning, hygiene and safety measures, which can be found here.

    We know as a nation, as a business and as a local community we will get through the challenges that COVID-19 has thrown us all. As we adapt to this new way of living, remember that it is only temporary and before you know it we will be sharing each other's great company in the flesh once again. We are committed to our scout's honour to do all that we can to reopen when it is safe for our people, our neighbours and our wider community. 

    We will continue to keep you up to date was changes are made in such an unpredictable and surreal environment. We look forward to the day our lights switch back on, our doors unlock and our staff welcome you back. Remember, our home remains your home. 

    We truly thank you for your support and understanding. Together we can stay safe, stay happy and don't forget: Wash your hands! 

    Let’s stick together – complete the form below and we’ll be sure to shout from the roof tops when we reopen!